For over 30 years, Comité Artisanal Haitïen (CAH) has been a reliable source of high quality, handcrafted items that celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of Haitian crafts. We work to support Haitian artisans by providing them with professional development services and marketing their products. We are reviving the pride in traditional handicrafts while improving the lives of artisans, their families, and their communities throughout Haiti.

Support our Work
Crafts production allows thousands of Haitian artisans to make a living, building confidence and independence. CAH adheres to informal techniques in promoting crafts development, allowing artisans to learn and practice creatively. Most importantly, CAH allows for the creation of beautiful, original crafts in an environment otherwise plagued by poverty. These remarkable products are appreciated locally and around the world.

You can support CAH and help improve the lives of artisans in Haiti by:

  • Purchasing goods from our store
  • Promoting our products in the international market
  • Informing friends, relatives, and business people about us
  • Supporting fair trade stores around the world who sell our products
  • Donating funds to help us continue our work
  • Connecting us with designers and other volunteers who support our work